Four iconic Brussels residents now have streets to their names
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Four iconic Brussels residents now have streets to their names

Four streets in Uccle were named after iconic Brussels residents, three of which are deceased, on Saturday. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Four iconic Brussels residents were honoured on Saturday morning as streets in Uccle were inaugurated and named after them.

Residents of Uccle can now walk on Clos Andrée Dumon, Place Olivier Strebelle, Clos Jean-Pierre de Launoit or on the Avenue Jacqueline Harpman in the new housing development on the edge of the England Plateau.

Andrée Dumon was a World War II resistance fighter who worked with a network that helped Allied pilots who fell into occupied territory escape to England through Belgium, France and Spain. Andrée is now 97 years old.

Olivier Strebelle was a Brussels born sculptor, whose work can be found in many public places in Belgium, Germany, Israel, Russia. He died in 2017.

Jean-Pierre De Launoit was a businessman and philanthropist, and chairman of the Queen Elizabeth International Music Competition of Belgium for nearly 50 years.

The last iconic Brussels resident to be honoured was Jacqueline Harpman, a writer and psychoanalyst from Etterbeek.

Relatives of the four Brussels residents were present for the inauguration of the new street names on Saturday morning.

Evie McCullough
The Brussels Times