Wallonia warns drivers: show caution on roads this Winter

Wallonia warns drivers: show caution on roads this Winter
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Wallonia will begin a period of ‘increased road vigilance’ at midnight on Friday after predicted disruptions by wet weather leading to icy conditions in the region.

The Wallonian road action unit (CAR) will operate in the provinces of Liège and Luxembourg and, to a lesser extent Namur, the Wallonian public service stated on Thursday evening.

CAR, comprising the Wallonian regional emergency centre, the Perex centre and the federal traffic police, advises any road user having to drive to show caution. Car drivers must be particularly alert on motorway access and exit roads as well as on exposed places like bridges. Vigilance alerts are also in place on the secondary road network.

There are no restrictive measures planned for the moment relating to the circulation of heavy goods vehicles more than 13 metres in length.

Current traffic conditions on Wallonian roads can be checked on the websites trafiroutes.wallonie.be and inforoutes.be.

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