Belgian butcher on trial for ‘euthanising’ his dog with a knife

Belgian butcher on trial for ‘euthanising’ his dog with a knife
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A Belgian butcher (37) is on trial in Ypres, after it emerged he killed his dog with a knife before throwing it in the IJzer river.

The butcher, S.S. from Diksmuide, took the drastic action after he was told his dog had to be put down, HLN reports. “The animal was to be euthanised, but I shouldn’t have done it that way,” he said.

To get rid of the body he tied a net around it and weighted it with stones before throwing it into the river. The dog was discovered the next day by passers-by who then called on the fire brigade to take the dead animal out of the water, Nieuwsblad reports.

The owner was identified via the chip in the dog’s ear.

According to S.S.’s lawyer, the dog had reached its last days of life and could no longer stand on its legs.

“My client used the wrong method, but he is a butcher and he knows how to painlessly put an end to an animal’s suffering. He realizes, however, that it is absolutely the greatest stupidity of his life,” added the lawyer.

The public prosecutor initially sent the defendant an amicable settlement – which he says he paid – but the money has not been seen. As such, the judge has asked the public prosecutor to investigate if the payment occurred or not.

If this is not the case, S.S. will face a fine. In the meantime, he already paid the over  €900 costs of the fire brigade.

Proceedings will continue in January 2020.

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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