Convicted paedophile who dressed as Sinterklaas will go to jail

Convicted paedophile who dressed as Sinterklaas will go to jail
A complaint filed on Monday revealed that the man was still dressing up as Sinterklaas. Credit: Flickr/Sander Van Der Wel

A man sentenced to a suspended prison sentence for child abuse has been jailed after it was discovered that he had dressed up as Sinterklaas. 

Johnny M. was sentenced at the beginning of this year to a suspended 12-month prison sentence for having had a relationship with a minor girl for years. The man (30) got to know her when she was thirteen years old.

The girl’s mother discovered that the two were in a relationship, and filed a complaint resulting in a trial. While J. M. did not go to jail, he received a 10-year ban from holding a position in associations that focus on minors.

However, a complaint from J. M.’s ex-wife revealed that the man was dressing up as Sinterklaas, in direct violation of the terms of his sentence. 

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“My ex-husband violated the conditions [of his sentence]. On Sunday he took on the role of Sinterklaas. I got sick and tired when I saw children on his lap”, said N. H. (41), a woman from Bruges who was with the man a few years ago.

Following an investigation, a judge has decided to revoke the probation conditions, meaning that the jail sentence becomes effective. “It’s a great pity that you didn’t take the chance that I had given you,” the judge said.

The accused expressed his regret over the incident and said he was just playing Sinterklaas to help out a friend in need. Furthermore, he added that there was no danger at all because everything was broadcast live on YouTube, according to Nieuwsblad. 

“It was really a one-off mistake,” the man said. “From now on, I’m going to do everything I can to keep to my terms.”

Jules Johnston

The Brussels Times

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