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Elderly couple killed in major house fire in Aalst

The origins of the fire remain unclear. Credit: batmatdc/Twitter

Two elderly people perished in a house fire that broke out in their Aalst home early on Monday, the local fire department announced.

Firefighters were called at around 6:00 AM on Monday about a house in the Nieuwerkerken borough of Aalst, in East Flanders, that was engulfed in flames, VRT reports.

The blazing flames were so intense that, despite the firefighters’ quick arrival on-site, they could not immediately enter the couple’s residence, a member of the fire department said.

When the firemen managed to enter the house, it was too late to do anything for its residents, whose bodies were discovered in their kitchen, HLN reports.

“They are elderly people, unfortunately, we were unable to save them,” Peter Dreelinck, lieutenant of the fire department, told VRT. “The fire was really too intense, it was difficult to access the house, everything was closed and the shutters were lowered,” he added.

At around 8:00 AM, fire fighters were still trying to get the fire under control, according to Het Nieuwsblad.

The causes leading to the fire have not been determined, Dreelinck said, adding that they were examining the scene and expected a conclusion in the course of the morning.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times