Fire services warn of the danger of Christmas tree fires

Fire services warn of the danger of Christmas tree fires
Credit: Tom Hannigan/Flickr.

A burning Christmas tree can set a whole living room on fire in less than one minute, the Brussels fire brigade warns.

As more and more homes are filled with Christmas trees and holiday decorations, the potential risk of a fire in the home is significantly increased, a statement from the Brussels fire department explains.

While a Christmas tree that catches fire can set alight an entire living room in less than one minute, candles falling over, cooking accidents involving spirits or fondue, chimney fires and electricity problems caused by the use of Christmas lights are other factors that also contribute to an increased risk of home fires during the Christmas period.

On this basis, the Brussels fire brigade encourages people to take small measures to protect themselves against fires in the home this Christmas, one of which is to put a smoke detector near the Christmas tree.

Other suggestions are to purchase a Christmas tree with a root and water it regularly so it doesn't dry out, use LED lighting, turn off Christmas lights when you leave the house and put candles in sturdy holders.

Evie McCullough

The Brussels Times

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