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Police ban six people from Flemish Christmas market

Some individuals had been causing problems during the first two weekends that the Winter Village in Brasschaat was open. Credit: Pxfuel.

Police have banned six people from the Christmas market in Brasschaat in Flanders for the duration of its opening.

The decision, made by the police in collaboration with the acting mayor of Brasschaat, Philip Cools (N-VA), was taken in response to problems during the first two weekends of the Brasschaat Christmas markets.

“During the first two weekends, we received different complaints about theft and violence,” Brasschaat chief of police, Barbara Cloet, told Nieuwsblad.

After the six people were identified and banned from the Christmas markets set in the neighbourhood park, the markets were much improved, Cloet added.

The local police are adjusting their hours so that there will always be two teams at the scene during the weekends.

“We have also requested support from the federal police. We can count on that. We have passed on all complaints to the criminal investigation department. They will investigate each case separately,” Cloet continue

Evie McCullough
The Brussels Times