Mice continue to ‘plague’ Brussels courthouses

Mice continue to ‘plague’ Brussels courthouses
The original tweet sharing the three photographs of mice in the courthouses was shared on 18 November 2019. Credit: Gaby Van den Bossche @Gabo0062/Twitter.

A spokesperson from the justice department has denied claims made on Thursday on Twitter that no action has been taken to tackle the “plague” of mice in Brussels courthouses.

“Nothing has yet been done to tackle the plague of mice in the Brussels courthouses,” said the chairman of the Dutch-speaking business court in Brussels, Gaby Van den Bossche, in a retweet of a post including three photographs of mice in the Portalis building that was published almost two months ago.

“Fresh mice droppings can be found daily in the offices,” the retweet added.

The caption of the original tweet, which was posted on 18 November 2019 read “meanwhile in the Brussels courthouses.”

Nearly two months later, on Thursday, Van den Bossche retweeted the original photographs of the mice with a new caption, claiming that nothing has been done to deal with the problem.

However, the spokesperson for the Justice Department of the city of Brussels denies that authorities have taken no action whatsoever.

“The problem is that there are many courthouses in Brussels with their own problems,” Edward Landtsheere, spokesperson for the justice department, told Bruzz.

“For some buildings, a contract with an extermination firm already exists. Action was taken there,” says Landtsheere, adding that “but for other buildings, there is no contract yet and as a government, you cannot simply do what you want. For those buildings for which no extermination company has yet been designated, the invitation procedure has started.”

The specific buildings in which mice are present remains unclear.

Evie McCullough
The Brussels Times

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