Mother charged after autopsy reveals Molenbeek girl (7) died unnatural death

Mother charged after autopsy reveals Molenbeek girl (7) died unnatural death
The girl and her mother lived in an apartment of the social housing company Le Logement Molenbeekois. Credit: Google Maps

The mother of a deceased 7-year-old girl whose autopsy revealed she had died of unnatural causes will face charges of involuntary manslaughter.

The woman is set to appear before an investigating judge on Friday after she was arrested in her home in Molenbeek and questioned on Monday.

Although the girl had passed away on Friday, the woman did not report her death until three days later, calling municipal authorities after the weekend.

The medical examiner in the case is yet to establish a cause of death, but reportedly informed prosecutors that they had already concluded the girl had not died of natural causes, according to Le Soir.

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The judge on Friday is set to decide whether to uphold an arrest warrant against the mother, 39, who was described by neighbours as “depressed” and “taking a lot of medicines.”

“She was always friendly, but clearly had a lot of issues,” a neighbour said, with another speaking of an altercation with the girl’s father a week prior to the death.

Upon their arrival to the scene, authorities found the girl’s lifeless body on her bed.

Throughout hours-long interrogations, the woman told authorities she did not know how her daughter had died.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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