Third body discovered in Wallonia’s Sambre river in two weeks

Third body discovered in Wallonia’s Sambre river in two weeks
Emergency response teams were called to recover a lifeless body from the river Sambre, the third time a corpse is found in the river near Charleroi in just under two weeks. © Belga

A lifeless body was discovered in a Walloon river on Tuesday morning, marking the third time in less than two weeks a corpse is recovered from the same watercourse.

A lock maintenance worker found a body floating in the river Sambre in Roselies, a small municipality located around a dozen kilometres east of Charleroi.

Initial reports from emergency workers in the area suggest that the corpse recovered from the river is that of a female, RTL Info reports.

The discovery marks the third time a lifeless body is recovered from the Sambre in just under two weeks.

On 15 January, the body of a man identified as Shujaat Yawary was pulled from the river in the Montignies-sur-Sambre area of Charleroi, located just under ten kilometres from the area where the other bodies were found.

Police had issued an appeal for information for Yawary, 40, and his 38-year-old wife, Kauhsar Hussain, who is yet to be located by police.

The couple drove away from their home near Charleroi on 26 December, leaving their six children behind for reasons that remain unclear.

Local emergency response teams said that the female body discovered on Tuesday looked like it had been in the water for “several days,” a circumstance also observed upon the discovery of Yawary’s body.

Another body, which authorities said was that of a male who is yet to be identified, was also discovered on 24 January in the municipality of Farciennes, some 4 kilometres away from Roselies.

Gabriela Galindo
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