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Brussels: 4th highest GDP per capita in the EU

Credit: Pixabay

The Brussels-Capital Region ranks fourth among the regions of the European Union in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, according to figures published on Thursday by Eurostat.

With a GDP per capita, expressed in purchasing power standards (PPS), of €61,300, i.e. 203% of the European average, the Brussels-Capital Region is second only to Luxembourg (263% of the EU average) and the Southern (225%) and Eastern and Central (210%) regions of Ireland.

GDP per capita is a measure of a country’s – or in this case region’s – economic output that accounts for its number of people, dividing the country’s gross domestic product by its total population.

The strong performance of the Brussels-Capital can be explained in particular by the flow of people commuting, which tends to increase GDP per capita in the regions where these commuters work, and to decrease it where they live.

The regions at the bottom of the ranking include the French overseas region of Mayotte (30% of the EU average), as well as three Bulgarian regions: North-West (34%), North-Central (35%) and South-Central (36%).

“For Mayotte, the low GDP per capita is mainly due to demographic factors, with 42% of the population under 15 years of age,” says the European Statistical Office.

Three Belgian provinces are well above the European average: Walloon Brabant (157%), Flemish Brabant (144%) and Antwerp (143%).

The GDP per capita of the Belgian provinces of Luxembourg (72% of the EU average), Hainaut (75%), Namur (80%), Liège (84%) and Limburg (96%) remain below the EU average.

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