Belgium needs stricter advice on Italian travel, virologist warns

Belgium needs stricter advice on Italian travel, virologist warns
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Virologist Marc Van Ranst, head of the reference laboratory for coronavirus analysis, has suggested that official travel advice given for Italy should be more stringent in view of the spread of covid-19 (coronavirus).

"Most of the detected coronavirus cases are in northern Italy, and it is travel to northern Italy that is bringing the virus into our country," Van Ranst declared on Friday on Radio 2. To contain the epidemic, it is necessary to limit the entry of infected persons into Belgium, he emphasises.

Advice from the Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs was reviewed last month, but the government is only recommending travellers follow the instructions of local authorities and stay informed.

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"That's the price of freedom, it seems, but then we have to say that the number of cases will continue to increase without our having the situation in hand," the virologist added.

The Netherlands and Denmark, notably, have tightened up their recommendations. The Netherlands is thus advising against all non-essential travel to the affected region in northern Italy.

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