Coronavirus: lockdown lifted at quarantined Tenerife hotel

Coronavirus: lockdown lifted at quarantined Tenerife hotel
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The last tourists quarantined in the H10 Costa Adeje Palace Hotel in Tenerife left the building on Tuesday after staying there for two weeks, Spanish and hotel authorities confirmed.

Hotel personnel and medical staff could be seen applauding on Tuesday, on footage aired by Spanish TV, as a police officer cut the plastic ribbon barring the entrance to the Hotel. Some patrons took off their masks and threw them into the air as they left the four-star hotel, while others posed for photographers at the entrance.

“The 14-day quarantine period has ended, they are authorised to leave,” a spokesperson for the Public Health Department of the Canary Islands was quoted as saying by the French news agency, AFP. “No-one else is quarantined at the hotel.”

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The hotel had 865 tourists from about 25 countries when the quarantine was imposed in late February after an Italian client tested positive for Covid-19, the spokesperson explained. Over the next few days, many clients who had not shown symptoms of the virus were able to leave, and only about 200 were still at the hotel when the quarantine was lifted on Tuesday, he added.

A hotel spokesperson said the establishment was functioning normally once again.

All told, seven persons – six Italians and one Brit – had tested positive at the hotel, according to the regional health department. Four are still in the hospital.

The last of the 118 Belgians who had been quarantined at the H10 Costa Adeje Palace Hotel returned on Thursday last to Belgium, where they landed at Ostend Airport.

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