Coronavirus patient gives birth in Brussels

Coronavirus patient gives birth in Brussels
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A woman infected with the coronavirus has given birth to a baby in a Brussels hospital.

The woman had no symptoms of the infection at first, but during an examination by her gynaecologist last week complications were detected, and the doctor recommended a test for the virus.

The test proved positive.

They told me they would test me for Covid-19 and I thought the result would be negative,” the woman told Reuters. “When the gynaecologist called me the next day saying I had tested positive, I almost fell off my chair.”

An induced birth was planned for two days later, and took place in an operating theatre rather than a normal delivery room. The woman’s partner was not allowed to be present.

Once the baby girl was delivered she was placed with her mother for only two minutes before being taken away. Mother and baby were able to be reunited later, but the woman must always wear a face mask.

The baby’s father is now allowed to visit, also wearing a mask. The couple’s two other children, however, will have to wait.

So far the baby has not been tested for the infection, but that will take place soon, the hospital said. The baby is other wise doing well.

We count our blessings and hope she continues to do well,” the mother said.

The World Health Organization advises new mothers with the coronavirus to care for their babies themselves. Breastfeeding may take place if strict hygiene rules are observed. There is currently no evidence of vertical transmission, meaning that pregnant women do not automatically transmit the disease to their unborn child.

Alan Hope
The Brussels Times

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