Anti-LGBTQI+ violence victims can now reach Brussels police via website

Anti-LGBTQI+ violence victims can now reach Brussels police via website
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Victims of LGBTQI+ violence can now turn to a hotline on the website of the Brussels Capital – Ixelles police zone.

The e-mail address to which victims from the LGBTQI+ community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Intersex and Others) can write has existed for some time, but is reportedly little known.

Persons who have been victims or witnesses of gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender violence can now contact the police with the single click of a button, which opens an e-mail with a form to complete.

The person will receive more information on the website or can call on the help of a member of the police’s victim support service. The witness or victim will then be contacted and may be the subject of a neighbourhood investigation to identify the perpetrators.

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“To raise awareness of this hotline, especially within the LGBTQI+ community, we have put a video online and distributed plasters and goodies to places often visited by this community,” said Khalid Zian, Brussels alderman for Equal Opportunities.

Through this campaign, the police want to encourage citizens to confidently report gay, lesbian or transgender incidents of any kind. All too often, victims still think that they should not complain because it doesn’t get followed up on.

You can find the hotline here. The Brussels-Capital Ixelles police do point out that the button is not used to report emergencies. If there is danger, you should always contact 112.

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