Brussels officially opens renovated Rue Neuve street

Brussels officially opens renovated Rue Neuve street
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Brussels Mayor Philippe Close and the new Minister for Beliris, Karine Lalieux, inaugurated Rue Neuve in a festive atmosphere this weekend, following two years of renovation work on the street.

The famous commercial thoroughfare has now been graced with new paves and its side streets have been redeveloped as well.

The new paving is made up of square blocks in three shades of blue-grey with, here and there, a coppery hint of brass. The small cubes of granite should be more resistant than the previous large tiles, which used to break under the weight of vehicles.

The Saint-Michel, Colombier, Finistère, Choux, Pont Neuf, Malines and Blanchisserie streets, which are off Rue Neuve, have also been rearranged so that stores, hotels and restaurants can be set up there to ease the pressure on the main thoroughfare.

Quieter wooded areas have also been installed, while new lighting will spotlight the surrounding buildings and create a new, pleasant atmosphere that will encourage city residents and visitors alike to take leisurely walks there.

“Rue Neuve symbolises commercial activity in the capital, so we are particularly happy with the renovation work done by the City and Beliris,” Close commented. “This renovation, like the work on the pedestrian streets, is part of a vast redevelopment project to make the city centre more attractive for both visitors and residents.”

The completion of work on the street was welcomed by the Shopera association, formed by the Comeos, BECI and UCM business organisations.

“Rue Neuve is the best known and busiest pedestrian street in the country,” commented Shopera’s Quentin Huet. “We are particularly happy to witness this new launch of Rue Neuve.”

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