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STIB offers to broadcast Christmas wishes through Brussels

The "Voices of Christmas" bus will spread holiday wishes throughout Brussels. Credit: STIB

A bus from Brussels public transport company STIB equipped with loudspeakers will spread Christmas wishes to and from loved ones between 15 and 23 December.

The messages will be sung by the “Petits chanteurs du collège Saint-Pierre,” a children’s choir, and they will be played on the street where the receiver of the message lives.

“That is an original way of still being connected with your loved ones, which is precisely what we are not allowed to do these days,” STIB wrote in a press release.

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Those who want to deliver a message can do so through STIB’s website or social media. STIB underlined that the messages could not be too long.

The public transport company launched a similar project in April with its “Voices of Brussels” bus, which spread encouraging messages to and from loved ones between 16 and 24 April.

In addition to the broadcast, some bus and tram stops will be announced in a sung rather than spoken manner, STIB said.

Jason Spinks
The Brussels Times