Covid-19 cluster found at Brussels' 101 police centre

Covid-19 cluster found at Brussels' 101 police centre
Credit: Belga

Many employees of the Communication and Information Centre (CIC) of the Brussels-Capital Region, which hosts the police’s 101 hotline, are in quarantine after testing positive for Covid-19.

According to the federal police, which announced the announcement on Saturday in a press release confirming earlier media reports, this will not affect people trying to seek emergency assistance.

According to Sudinfo, about 20 of the CIC’s approximately 100 staff members tested positive for Covid-19, reportedly brought in by a “super spreader,” while one person is reported to have been infected with the South African strain of the virus.

Contrary to information carried by some media, the 112 line, located in the main barracks on Avenue de l'Héliport in Brussels, has not been affected, according to Fire Service spokesperson Walter Derieuw. The 112 line is used for calls to ambulances and the fire service and, by default, for calls for the police that do not go through the main menu.

The federal police could not be reached on Saturday to confirm or deny the information given by Sudinfo on the number of infected persons.

However, it said in its press release that its staff was tested and that it was “looking for clusters so as to be able to continue working with non-positive people.”

Some employees are also teleworking. “We are working with a minimum staff component" while some of the work is being taken over by other CICs, the federal police said. “In this way, the service to the population is guaranteed.”

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