Brussels in need of a ‘toilet plan,’ says local NGO

Brussels in need of a ‘toilet plan,’ says local NGO
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Following data showing the capital only has one public toilet per 11,000 inhabitants, calls have been made to invest in more clean public toilets.

The data collected by a ULB research group and Brussels NGO ‘Street Nurses’ indicates that only 60 of the 175 accessible public toilets in Brussels are free. In addition, almost half of them are inaccessible to women, only 25% are accessible to people with reduced mobility and less than 40% are open 24 hours a day.

The existing toilets are mainly located in the city centre, and there are many more urinals than toilets.

The organisations argue the facts show a lack of inclusiveness in the city, as the restrictions on toilets impede the ability for women, families with children, the elderly, people with reduced mobility, and the homeless to move around.

They are now calling for a ‘toilet plan’ for the entire Brussels Capital Region, New Mobility reports.

Street Nurses also highlights that almost 30% of public toilets have closed during the coronavirus crisis.

The absence of toilets or the fact that they are not properly kept clean, also has an effect on street cleanliness, due to public urination.

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