Major air quality study launched in Brussels, measuring pollution at 3,000 sites

Major air quality study launched in Brussels, measuring pollution at 3,000 sites
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The largest air quality study to date, project CurieuzenAir, was officially launched on Saturday across Brussels-Capital Region.

Over the next four weeks, air quality and in particular nitrogen dioxide levels will be measured at some 3,000 sites, including schools, businesses, parks and homes of private residents taking part in the project. Data from the heavily congested Rue de la Loi, and other sites by the European quarter will also be collected.

Initiated by the city Movement BRAL, University of Brussels, ULB, and the University of Antwerp, the project’s aim is to create a detailed map of Brussels’ air quality.

“This is the largest science project on air quality ever carried out in Brussels,” the initiators of the study said in a press release. “This will make it possible to better estimate the effects of traffic on health and give decision makers access to precise information for political measures.”

The European Commission launched on Thursday a public consultation on the revision of EU rules on air quality, just a day after the WHO had published its global air quality guidelines updating the previous guidelines from 2005.

In a recent briefing, the European Environmental Agency said that for most air pollutants, the EU air quality standards are less strict than the WHO 2005 air quality guidelines, implying that the gap has widened to the new WHO guidelines. The Commission intends to revise the air quality standards and align them more closely to the new guidelines.

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