Brussels Mobility to create 10,000m2 of green space this year

Brussels Mobility to create 10,000m2 of green space this year
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Taking advantage of the planting season, Brussels Mobility has announced a plan to transform 10,000m2 into green public spaces. Areas that currently are covered in asphalt or gravel will be converted into green space, the Brussels public transport administration announced in a press release.

Since 2020, Brussels Mobility has carried out various local projects that aim to improve the permeability of soil and thereby aid water management and drainage. “Simply enlarging the pit at the base of trees has a noticeable impact,” programme managers assert.

“This winter, we will start on a variety of small greening projects. By combining many small initiatives, identifying sites in different neighbourhoods and carefully selecting how to carry out these measures, we will reach our target,” said Mobility Minister Elke Van den Brandt (Green). “This will make Brussels more pleasant for residents and better equip us to deal with the effects of climate change.”

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Among others, greening schemes are planned for the intersection between Chaussée de Mons and Rue de Douvres in Anderlecht, which will be transformed into a rain garden. On Chaussée d’Étterbeek five new trees will be planted as well as a rain garden created.

Rain gardens can be an effective way of managing ground-water runoff in times of heavy rain and use shrubs native plants to filter water. When located at strategic points, they can significantly reduce pressure on storm drainage.

Between 2022 and the start of 2022, some 20,000m2 of green space (equivalent of two football pitches) are planned along roads and in pedestrian areas.

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