EU migration policy comes under fire from protesters in Brussels

EU migration policy comes under fire from protesters in Brussels
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About 100 persons took to the streets of Brussels on Saturday afternoon to denounce the European Union’s policy on migration, which they said ran counter to human rights and caused over 4,400 deaths this year.

The protesters demonstrated in the capital’s European neighbourhood, outside European institutions, agencies and companies linked to the EU’s migration plan, Belga new agency reports. Their primary target was the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union, Frontex.

“Frontex has become a small army that supposedly protects our borders but violates human rights on a daily basis,” said Stephanie Demblon of Agir pour la Paix association. “The right to asylum is systematically violated outside European borders. Migrants are sent back over our borders or criminalised, in Poland and Hungary as well as in Italy and Greece,” she added.

According to Mrs. Demblon, the director of Frontex, Frenchman Fabrice Leggeri, lies when he tells the European Parliament that his agency is not the one sending migrants back, but member States.

Frontex is present almost everywhere and is perfectly informed of the abuses,” she said.

At the presentation of a report issued in June this year, many members of the European Parliament denounced the mismanagement at the agency and threatened to freeze its budget.

However, for Stephanie Demblon, the basic problem lies with Europe’s very policy on migration.”It’s all about knowing how one envisages migration and security,” she commented.

“The European Union is trying now to guarantee the safety of its citizens,” Mrs. Demblon added, “by monitoring its borders with all types of technological gadgets but that’s not what guarantees security. Indecently huge sums are spent on this, instead of being invested in good social security, education, solidarity and respect for human rights. People who come looking for a better life are no threat to our safety.”

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