Archishop of Brussels stresses solidarity

Archishop of Brussels stresses solidarity
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“Only solidarity can bring salvation; only solidarity guarantees true freedom,” the Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, Cardinal Jozef De Kesel, stressed on Friday night as he delivered his Christmas homily.

Stressing the importance of openness towards others, the Archbishop noted that a newborn in a nursery who remains, throughout his life, “in solidarity with all those who, in this world, do not count” is the “exact opposite of the indifference and closemindedness that so threaten our society.”

“Beyond the radiance with which Christmas is celebrated, do not forget its true meaning, its original meaning: that in Him it is God’s humanity that manifests itself,” he urged. “God made Himself man so that we, too, can be true human beings, brothers and sisters to one another,” the cardinal said as he concluded his homily at the Midnight Mass in Saint-Rombaut de Malines Cathedral.

Cardinal De Kesel linked his message for solidarity to events that marked the year 2021, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the migration crisis that costs more and more lives, and the devastating floods in Wallonia, as well as the enduring phenomenon of poverty and inequality.

“Excessively great inequality between people jeopardises social peace,” he stressed. “It is not good for people to have the impression that they are not being heard and that they don’t count.”

Turning to the issue of migration, he noted that those who turn to traffickers to cross over into Europe or the United Kingdom “are not first and foremost problems, but human beings seeking worthier lives.”

“Where is the boundary between law and humanity?” he asked.

For the Cardinal, the floods that ravaged parts of Wallonia brought about “heartwarming” solidarity. However, they also showed “how much global warming needs to be taken seriously, and how it concerns not only the way we act with the Earth and its natural resources, but also how we interact with one another.”

Archbishop De Kezel was also scheduled to celebrate the Christmas Mass at Saints-Michel-et-Gudule Cathedral in Brussels on Saturday.

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