Brussels Mobility looks back on a positive year of 30 kph speed limits

Brussels Mobility looks back on a positive year of 30 kph speed limits
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For more than a year now, the general speed limit in Brussels has been 30 kph after being reduced a year ago. Brussels Mobility – the regional administration for infrastructure and mobility – reports on the benefits of this change.

According to data gathered by speed cameras around the city between January and November of this year, there has been a “discernable and constant reduction in average speed across all roads, whether limited to 30 kph or 50 kph” (some larger roads still have higher limits). Furthermore, the data indicate that drivers are being more respectful of the limits in place, Belga News Agency reports.

These positive indicators are corroborated by a clear reduction in deaths and serious road accidents: from January to November 2021 there were five deaths on Brussels roads and 100 serious injuries. Moreover, a lower proportion of vehicles is being penalised for breaking the 30 kph speed limit – this has fallen to 8% from 10.4% since 2020.

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Perhaps most encouragingly, not only for drivers but also residents of the city: journey times have not been made longer despite lower speed limits now being in place. “Journey times are generally stable when compared to the previous two years” stated the Brussels Mobility report. This is the case for all journey types recorded in the city.

In addition, more speed cameras were installed around the city last year: “28 new permanent cameras will be in place by February” and a seventh average speed check will be added, on the Chaussée de Gand. To supplement these, “50 preventative cameras that display speed to drivers are currently being erected.”

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