STIB to post 760 job vacancies in 2022

STIB to post 760 job vacancies in 2022
Credit: STIB

The wheels on the bus go round and round, and STIB needs hundreds of new hires to keep it that way.

STIB-MIVB, the Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company, is looking to fill 760 job vacancies in 2022. Many of the jobs involve operating a vehicle – bus, tram, or metro – but a significant portion of new hires will fill jobs keeping the transport system running.

The transport company is also seeking to increase the number of female employees. Currently, only 11.17% of the 10,221 STIB employees are women.  

“When they hear STIB, they think bus driver,” An Vanhamme, a STIB spokeswoman, told The Brussels Times. “We are also looking for ICT and engineers.”

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While most job vacancies involve operating vehicles, Vanhamme said the company has many behind-the-scenes vacancies, including roles requiring technical and information and communication technology (ICT) skills.

STIB has a few large projects underway. For example, the company is converting to an electric bus fleet while transforming an underground tram line into a metro line. A digital ticket system that functions via a mobile app is also being developed. This would allow passengers to select the best travel option for their needs.

Bringing women on board

With regards to recruiting more women, one of STIB’s more successful strategies has been to highlight the career paths of current female employees, Vanhamme said. She highlighted the benefits of working for the agency. These include on-the-job training and “Free STIB for the whole family.”

Of the 760 vacancies, STIB is looking for 480 bus drivers, 33 tram drivers and 46 metro driver positions. It also wants to fill 26 jobs related to control systems, such as dispatchers and planners. The next largest block of openings – 100 jobs – requires technical skills, such as engineering and IT. The remaining jobs are for network security, human resources, and the STIB finance offices.

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