City of Brussels drafts project to improve Pannenhuis metro area

City of Brussels drafts project to improve Pannenhuis metro area
Credit: City of Brussels

The City of Brussels has drawn up a project for the partial reconstruction of Rue Charles Demeer near Pannenhuis metro station. Public inquiry regarding the project will run from 25 May through to 23 June.

This reconstruction follows the renovation of the Demeer Bridge and the Clesse Bridge and the extension of bus line 46 by the STIB. The area surrounding the Pannenhuis metro station is in dire need of renovation according to a City of Brussels news release.

The metro station has become increasingly more visited as it acts as a gateway to Tour & Taxis Park and train station. Currently, the sidewalks are not wide enough, the crosswalks at the roundabout are dangerous and the road surface is in poor condition.

What's to come

On its website, the City states that the parking strip across from the metro station will be removed to widen the sidewalks.

For cyclists, separate cycle paths will be provided in ochre-coloured asphalt with a width of 1.5 metres, which will connect to the cycle path at the Demeer Bridge. Bicycle stands and a Villo! station will be installed next to the entrance of the metro station.

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In the roundabout, a raised platform will be added, forcing cars to slow down.

The route of bus 46 will be extended to run to Rue Maurice De Moor and in the future will also serve the Pannenhuis metro station. Two bus stops will be integrated on either side of Rue Charles Demeer.

The construction plan can be viewed and downloaded here. Everyone has a chance to express their opinions until 23 June. A Consultation Committee will also be organized that will draft advice on the project before the works can begin.

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