Construction machine runs into picket line in Schaerbeek

Construction machine runs into picket line in Schaerbeek
Credit: Dan Iggers / Flickr

A construction machine injured a member of the socialist rail union on Wednesday morning while attempting to break through a picket line at the entrance to the SNCB workshop in Schaerbeek.

The incident, reported by the CGSP union, took place on Avenue de Vilvorde in the Brussels municipality of Schaerbeek. The unions had set up a picket line blocking the entrance to an SNCB workshop following the 24-hour strike taking place at the railway on Wednesday.

The driver of the construction machine tried to break the blockade, according to the union.

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"The construction machine drove into a union representative, who was able to avoid the vehicle but was hit on the foot," said national union secretary Filip Peers. "We requested the arrival of the police to lodge a complaint."

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