Slashed taxes, more spots: Schaerbeek touts shared parking initiative

Slashed taxes, more spots: Schaerbeek touts shared parking initiative
Schaerbeek officials are promoting shared parking in the municipality. Credit: © Belga

Hundreds of additional parking spots have popped up in the Brussels municipality of Schaerbeek as the result of an initiative encouraging private businesses and residents to allow drivers to park in their unused spots.

Five years into the implementation of the measure, an additional 803 new parking spots were created in the municipality without the need for construction works or building additional parking garages, according to municipal authorities.

In exchange for opening up their private parking spots, the municipality cut parking taxes for offices and businesses by 100%, prompting more firms to join in the measure.

"Property-owners can make profits from parking outside of their regular business hours and residents are guaranteed parking on their way home," local officials said, according to BX1.

The municipality itself has opened up five public parking spots as part of the initiative.

By year's end, municipal officials expect an additional hundred spots to open up, as residents and business-owners join in the initiative, launched in 2014.

Gabriela Galindo

The Brussels Times

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