Brussels tunnel to shut down for two months

Brussels tunnel to shut down for two months
The tunnel is due to close for two months this Friday. Credit: Wikimedia.

Circulation problems are to be expected in Brussels over the summer as a main vehicle tunnel shuts down for renovations from Friday, Brussels mobility authorities announced.

The Léopold II tunnel will close on Friday at 22:00 for two months in order to accelerate renovation works.

The news comes after a burst pipe on Monday caused the tunnel to unexpectedly shut down to traffic.

While Brussels Mobility has warned that the closure will cause many circulation problems —even if traffic is less dense during the summer— it has suggested several alternative routes to try and ameliorate potential congestion.

Alternative routes via the A12 (from the North) or the Industrial Boulevard in Anderlecht (from the South) have been introduced.

Rail and transport companies SNCB, STIB and De Lijn lines serving the area will be strengthened in terms of frequency and capacity.

A secure bicycle path on Charles Quint - Léopold II from the Ninove road (N8) and the Zellik road (N9) has also been built.

When the tunnel reopens in September 2, drivers can expect renewed pavements, upgraded sewers, new water pipes for firefighters, renewed high-voltage systems, transformers and extractors, and ongoing renovation of ceilings.

Madeleine Fletcher

The Brussels Times

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