Molenbeek apologises for recruiting students to 'help' with evictions

Molenbeek apologises for recruiting students to 'help' with evictions
The town hall of Molenbeek, where municipal authorities apologised after publishing a job listing recruiting students to help with home evictions. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Authorities from the Brussels municipality of Molenbeek issued an apology on Wednesday after publishing a summer job offer aimed at hiring students to "help" officials carry out home evictions, calling the incident an administrative mistake.

The listing, no longer available on the municipality's recruitment website, said that Molenbeek was recruiting student "moving assistants" whose main tasks would include: "Assisting with evictions; Assisting with movings and relocations during festive events (...)."

As per the listing, the students would join the municipality's "workshops services," for a part-time job during the month of August.

"It's an error from the administration," a Molenbeek representative told BX1. "We will obviously not hire students to carry out such tasks," the representative added, suggesting that the mistake could be attributed to an unattentive copy-paste error and adding that they would remove the listing "as soon as possible."

The municipality was alerted about the incident after municipal alderman Karim Majoros posted an outraged reaction on social media, saying it was "aberrant" for authorities to entrust this "last-resort" measure to students.

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