Hundreds of farmers to march on Brussels’ European quarter
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    Hundreds of farmers to march on Brussels’ European quarter

    Hundreds of farmers are expected to march on Rond-point Schuman in the heart of the European quarter on Thursday. Credit: Google Street View

    Hundreds of Belgian farmers are expected to descend on Brussels and march on the European Union institutions on Thursday, The Brussels Times has learned.

    The farmers are expected to ride their vehicles into Rond-point Schuman and march down Rue de la Loi, through the heart of the European quarter.

    With around 500 demonstrators expected from 10:00 AM to 14:00, circulation in the area is set to be significantly disturbed.

    Buildings of the European institutions “concerned” by the events might be closed down temporarily, according to a source.

    Previous demonstrations by farmers in Brussels have brought chaos into the city, with demonstrators last year throwing eggs at police or spraying milk on EU buildings in 2016.

    The motivations for the farmer’s actions have not been specified, but news of the expected demonstration come after European Union leaders on Friday concluded a trade agreement with Latin American countries of the Mercosur bloc, which has been denounced by the Walloon farmer’s federation.

    Gabriela Galindo
    The Brussels Times