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    Brussels: large offices forced to use less energy

    © Belga
    The International Construction Costs 2017 report states that Brussels is the 12th most expensive city in the world in terms of construction.
    © Belga

    Since 1 July, all proprietors or occupants of office buildings over 100,000 m2 in Brussels must put in place a plan to reduce energy consumption, L’Echo said on Thursday. Between 150 and 200 units – 75% public and 25% private – are concerned, a fifth of Brussels’ buildings. 

    The concerned have 12 months maximum to appoint from among themselves a PLAGE coordinator (Local Action Plan for Energy Management) and to inform Brussels environment on their real estate identification (location, occupation, surface…)

    An 18-month personalized action programme will be established. It should achieve in the next three years a binding target of energy consumption reduction. 

    Progress will be evaluated by energy auditors independent from Brussels Environment.

    The Brussels Times