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    Brussels pedestrian zone could partially reopen to traffic

    © Aktron/Wikimedia
    A part of the Brussels pedestrian zone could be reopened to vehicle traffic. Credit:Aktron/Wikimedia
    © Aktron/Wikimedia

    Authorities are considering temporarily allowing drivers back into parts of the Brussels pedestrian zone to prevent circulation disturbances as additional renovations are set to kick-off, according to media reports on Thursday.

    The junction where Boulevard Anspach meets Rue de Tenturiers is set to undergo reconstructions, and regional and city authorities are assessing the best way to avoid having to divert traffic too far during the renovations.

    A potential solution would be to grant vehicles temporary access to the segment of the boulevard between Place du Fontainas and Rue des Tenituriers, according to Bruzz.

    Brussels Mayor Philippe Close told BX1 that the measure, which would reportedly last around three months, was still being studied.

    If approved, it would mean that the pavement of the pedestrian zone would have to be re-adapted for increased vehicle traffic, Bruzz reports.

    Gabriela Galindo
    The Brussels Times