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Brussels pedestrian zone to reopen to traffic during summer

Parts of the Brussels pedestrian zone will temporarily reopen to traffic during the summer due to renovation works. Credit: ©

A section of the Brussels pedestrian zone will reopen to traffic during the month August in order to limit circulation disturbances in the area during summer works, local authorities said Monday, according to reports.

With the junction where Boulevard Anspach meets Rue de Tenturiers is set to undergo reconstructions, drivers will be able to circulate in the boulevard, between Place du Fontainas and Rue des Tenituriers during the month of August, according to RTBF.

Authorities last week confirmed to local media that they were considering plans to temporarily allow drivers back into the pedestrian zone in order to avoid having to divert traffic too far during the renovations.

Some local nonprofits have pointed out that increased vehicle traffic could damage the pavement, pointing to a similar problem in nearby Place De Brouckère.

Currently, the only vehicles allowed to transit through that area are public transport buses.

Works in the junction are set to begin in the month of August and last an estimated four weeks.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times