Brussels' broken down city lift to be repaired soon

Brussels' broken down city lift to be repaired soon
Brussels' city lift viewed from the Marolles neighbourhood. Credit: Max Wolf/Google Street View

One of the two city lifts near Brussels' Palais de Justice has been broken down since the start of the month but will be repaired soon, the city's public transport operator said according to reports on Wednesday.

The lifts, which offer residents a panoramic view of the city as they ride the lift from Place Polaert to the Marolles neighbourhood —or vice-versa— are in high demand, as people can be often seen queuing outside them.

But only one of the two lifts has been operating for weeks, as the other broke down on July 7, according to Bruzz.

Public transport operator STIB, who is in charge of the lifts, said they expect the broken down one will be repaired in the coming weeks as soon as a spare part is delivered.

"Given the specific nature of this part, the delivery time is considerable," the company told Bruzz.

The spare part is expected to arrive in the course of the week of July 22, and the transport operator expects both lifts to be fully functional from July 26.

Gabriela Galindo

The Brussels Times

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