Brussels Parliament decides on Saturday whether to support new government

Brussels Parliament decides on Saturday whether to support new government
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Members of the Brussels legislature will vote on Saturday after 4.00 p.m. on whether or not they have confidence in the region’s new government.

The vote will take place about 48 hours after the political statement read on Thursday by Brussels Prime Minister Rudi Vervoort, who heads a government made up of the socialist, ecologist, DéFi and Open Vld parties.

Prime Minister Vervoort, re-elected following the 26 May election, heads a heavily reshuffled coalition government. Explaining the aims of the partners who have come together to steer the regional ship for the next five years, he referred to regional issues as well as those shared with Wallonia in the Commission Communautaire Commune (Common Community Commission), a first since the creation of the capital region.

“At the level of Brussels, the relevant responses to the social, environmental and economic issues are transversal,” he said. “The citizen cannot suffer because of an institutional division. We therefore intend to mobilise the new competencies of both the Region and the Commission Communautaire and exercise them using cross-cutting policies.”

Vervoort painted a slightly more detailed picture than he had presented two days ago to the press of the actions to be undertaken over the next five years to respond to priority social and climate emergencies, and improve a series of democratic governance, institutional and financial aspects in the capital region.

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