Burger King to be fined for violating ad-free zone in Brussels
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    Burger King to be fined for violating ad-free zone in Brussels

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Fast food chain Burger King will receive a “disguised fine” from the Brussels government for placing an advertising billboard in Ambiorix Square, an area registered as an ad-free zone in Brussels.

    “This type of advertising is indeed prohibited in this zone,”Maité Van Rampelbergh, spokeswoman for Brussels Mayor Philippe Close said, according to Bruzz.

    “Burger King is going wrong here and must remove this advertisement as quickly as possible. They are aware of this,” she added.

    The American burger chain placed an eye-catching advertisement in the square just above a billboard promoting the city’s Hello Summer Festival.

    “In doing so, Burger King wants to give off the impression that this is a special advertisement campaign,” a resident of the area told the outlet.

    The government has reportedly already reached out to the fast-food chain requesting the advertisement be taken down, and they also plan to send them a “disguised fine” for the ad overstep.

    “They will also receive ‘an invoice’ for this, since we are not allowed to write out fines for this,” Van Rampelbergh said. “The amount of this disguised fine will be determined by the size of the billboard,” she added.

    Gabriela Galindo
    The Brussels Times