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Manneken Pis gets new costume ahead of Brussels flower show

Manneken Pis dressed in floral dungarees for Brussels flower show. Credit: Belga

Brussels icon Manneken Pis was given a new outfit this morning ahead of Brussels flower show.

Dressed in floral print dungarees inspired by the flag colours of the flower shows artists, Manneken Pis honours the Brussels Flowertime festival, which runs from the 14th-18th August in Brussels City Hall.

The outfit was designed by well-known Brussels based artist Geoffrey Mottart, who rose to prominence in 2016 for decorating various statues in parks in Brussels with flowers.

Flowertime is run jointly by the creators of the Brussels Flower Carpet and the Floraliën flower festival. Held every second summer, this year Flowertime sees more than 30 floral artists using 100,000 flowers to decorate Brussels City Hall.

Evie McCullough
The Brussels Times