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Police practice for terror attack at Brussels synagogue

Police performed various attack simulation exercises at the Brussels synagogue from 7:00 AM on Sunday, according to RTLinfo.

This was confirmed in the early afternoon by Olivier Slosse, a spokesman for local Brussels-Ixelles police. They began testing the last scenario at midday. 

Several dozen people were involved in the training. The Quick Reaction Force (QRF) – a specialist unit within the local police – and soldiers took part in the exercise. 

Several scenarios were tested, for example, a man shooting into a crowd or somebody threatening people with a knife.

“We have been doing this type of exercise in shopping centres, cinemas and concert halls for several years, and now today in a place of worship,” Slosse explained. “We test techniques and coordination between services. It is not linked to a particular threat or risk, it’s so can be ready in case of a real threat.”

The Brussels Times