Flights over Brussels: excessive noise faces legal action

Flights over Brussels: excessive noise faces legal action
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Brussels Environment Minister Alain Maron is mulling legal action to increase pressure on the federal government on the issue of flights over Brussels, Le Soir daily reported on Thursday.

Maron (Ecolo) is calling for a “real” impact study to help in making decisions.

The Federal Government already has to pay €6.5 million in penalties to the Brussels-Capital Region for "excessive nuisance", but this has not improved the situation for the region’s residents. The minister thus decided to resort once again to the courts to explain that the fines have not been attaining their goal of putting pressure on the Federal State, which simply limits itself to paying them.

“The aim is not to make money but for the federal government to take structural decisions that yield concrete results for the inhabitants of the Brussels-Capital Region,” Maron is quoted as saying by Le Soir.

It will be up to the courts to decide how to increase the pressure on the federal government, whether by increasing the fines, changing the way they are calculated, or adding other means.

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