€500,000 more promised to help at-risk Walloons

€500,000 more promised to help at-risk Walloons
Credit: Belga

Twenty-six new places and a supplementary budget of €503,000 will be structurally awarded to reception hostels, community centres and night shelters in Wallonia, the regional government decided on Thursday evening.

The reception hostels offer temporary accommodation to people with social difficulties. There, they can obtain help and guidance to support them in getting back on their feet. As for night shelters, they assure the availability of emergency collective night accommodation.

"It is essential that the authorities are able to assure all people with social needs that they can provide solutions to their reception, accommodation and support problems to enable them to rebuild, regain their independence and lead full lives. The 26 new places involved are a response to this objective," the Wallonian minister for social action, Christie Morreale (PS), emphasised.

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