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Coronavirus: Brussels launches number for people without GP

The new number must prevent the 112 emergency line from clogging up. Credit: Belga

Brussels has launched a new phone number, 1710, for people without a GP to call for advice and questions about their health, in light of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), on Thursday.

“A significant number of residents cannot find their way to a general practitioner. In the current situation, these people turn to the “112” emergency number and on-call services at the risk of clogging up the lines for other patients,” said the Brussels Prevention and Security service in a press release.

Via the new 1710 number, Brussels residents can contact a dispatching of GPs, who will advise them, or refer them to someone else if necessary.

The number is meant for people who are coughing, have a cold or a fever, and suspect that they have been infected with the coronavirus. In those cases, calling your GP, or 1710 if you do not have one, should be the first thing you do.

The new line is an initiative by the Brussels Region, in collaboration with the FPS Public Health, the Federation of Brussels General Practitioners Associations, the Brussels fire department and emergency medical assistance service, and the Belgian Red Cross.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times