Jogger tries to lick couple in Brussels

Jogger tries to lick couple in Brussels
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A jogger tried to lick or kiss two people who were walking in the Brussels municipality of Etterbeek on Monday, who reported the jogger to the police in light of the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

During a walk in the vicinity of the Cinquantenaire Park in Brussels, the couple complained about a couple of joggers that did not give them enough space. The man (68) shouted something at the joggers, after which one of them turned around and tried to give him a kiss, they told La Capitale.

"When my husband got angry, the jogger stuck out his tongue as if to lick him, and tried to spit. The saliva flew around," the woman (58) said. She managed to take a picture of the jogger, and passed on his description to patrolling police officers.

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This kind of behaviour is always inappropriate, the couple said, but "in the current health crisis, this is pure terrorism," they added.

The perpetrator has not been found, but his description is in the database, confirmed Michael Jonniaux, the chief of police zone Montgomery, to Bruzz. "Such incidents are fortunately exceptional. We had not experienced something like this in our zone yet," he added.

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