Weekend protests in Schaerbeek after car hits 2-year-old child

Weekend protests in Schaerbeek after car hits 2-year-old child
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A two-year-old child was hit by a car in Schaerbeek on Friday evening, rekindling concerns over road safety as residents protested the issue throughout the weekend.

At around 8:00 PM on Friday, a vehicle driving on Rue de Kessels hit the toddler near the intersection with Avenue Louis Bertrand, according to Bruzz.

The two-year-old was taken to the hospital but is not in a critical condition, and was reportedly hit while crossing the road using the zebra path.

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A spokesperson with the Brussels North police zone, Audrey Dereymaeker, said that an investigation had been launched to determine the circumstances around the accident, with CCTV images set to be reviewed.

The driver reportedly attempted to flee after the incident but was stopped by onlookers, and was taken into custody but released on Saturday morning.

In an expedited procedure, he is set to appear before a court on 19 June, public prosecutors told the Belga news agency.

The incident renewed local residents’ concerns over road insecurity in the area and led to two days of lie-in protests.

Depuis des années, les habitants de la rue Kessels demandent des mesures pour calmer la circulation. Après le crash d'…

Posted by 1030/0 on Saturday, May 30, 2020

The event also follows a string of road accidents in Schaerbeek last year, several involving young children and one leading to a woman’s death.

The incident on Friday also rekindled concerns over street races, which have been plaguing the area and led to a police crackdown, but Dereymaeker said that police were still investigating whether there was a race that night.

“It is true that several vehicles have already been seized here for such races,” she said. “It is currently being investigated how fast the car was driving and whether there was a street race, that remains unclear for the moment.”

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