Brussels pupil becomes youngest student ever admitted into ULB

Brussels pupil becomes youngest student ever admitted into ULB
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A 15-year-old secondary school pupil in Brussels has become the youngest person ever to be admitted into the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB).

Born in the municipality of Crainhem, in the Flemish Periphery of Brussels, Sallah Eddine Dassy is making the headlines in Belgium after passing the admissions for the ULB's Solvay School Economics and Management.

"I like to challenge and outdo myself," Dassy said in an interview with BX1. "When I have a goal, I tell myself that it is possible and give my all to reach it."

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The teen was encouraged to apply to the university by staff in his secondary school in the Brussels municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, even if he still has to officially receive his secondary school diploma.

"Something that is remarkable in him is his capacity to look at this from a vantage point," said Abed Mellouli, the head of Dassy's secondary school.

"Ever since primary school, his teachers noticed that he was a fast learner," Dassy's mother, Fatima Toufik said, adding that he has already skipped forward one year during his primary education.

"It's not that he spends his whole day studying, he just learns faster than other kids," she said, adding that, due to this, he was homeschooled for some time but chose to return to the classroom in secondary school because he missed being around other kids.

"I will come back here from time to time," Dassy said, adding that he was nonetheless excited about starting a new chapter of his education.

"It will be something new, which will require a lot more of autonomy from my part — it's one of my strong suits so I am excited to join other students in the lecture halls this Monday."

The press office of the ULB was not immediately available for a request for comment.

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