Jump e-bikes available in Uber app again from this week

Jump e-bikes available in Uber app again from this week
Credit: The Brussels Times

Even though Lime took over from Uber and brought the red Jump e-bikes back to Brussels last week, people will still be able to unlock and use the bikes with their Uber app.

When the bikes were relaunched in Brussels last Friday, they were immediately available in the Lime app, but integrating them back in the Uber app took some extra time, according to Benjamin Barnathan, Lime’s General Manager in Belgium.

Apart from having to unlock a Jump bike with a Lime app instead of the usual Uber one for the first few days, nothing changes for users, and Lime scooters can also be used via the Uber app. “Everything will work the same way for bikes and scooters, in both apps,” Barnathan told The Brussels Times.

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“Subscribers with a LimePass are now able to use their subscription for the e-bikes as well as the scooters, giving them more choices for both daily and monthly passes,” he said.

Last Friday, Lime relaunched an initial fleet of 500 e-bikes in Brussels, and will progressively deploy more bikes in the Capital Region, based on the demand.

Unlocking a bike now costs €1, and €0.20 will be charged per minute of use, which is €0.05 more than before the bikes disappeared from the streets of Brussels.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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