First of 20 drop-off zones to counter left-behind scooters created in Brussels

First of 20 drop-off zones to counter left-behind scooters created in Brussels
Credit: Brussels Mobility

The first of 20 drop-off zones to correctly park sharing scooters in the Brussels-Capital Region was created at the station of Etterbeek this morning, Brussels Mobility announced.

On Tuesday morning, the first drop off zone where people can leave their sharing vehicle was marked at the station of Etterbeek, and has to create an easy connection between the workplace or home, and a metro, tram or train station, according to Brussels Mobility Minister Elke Van den Brandt.

Zones where leaving a scooter behind is forbidden - such as in shopping streets, the Unesco zone of the historic city centre and parks - were already defined a few months ago, but the new drop-off zones will be generalised across the Region to encourage users to park their vehicle correctly in the designated zones.

"When well organised, micro-mobility is an efficient complement to the modal shift. However, it is crucial to ensure that micro-mobility vehicles can work well with other users of the public space," Van den Brandt said.

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Initially, 20 zones will be created, mainly close to a station, such as at Brussels North, Central, Midi, Schuman and Luxembourg stations, as well as at Delta, West Station, Simonis, Place Louise and Place Stéphanie.

Geolocalised data from the shared mobility operators will allow Brussels Mobility to monitor the zones, and determine whether they are fulfilling their purpose, according to Martin Lefrancq, Smart Mobility Coordinator.

Additionally, the design was approved by Belgium's four public transport companies (STIB, SNCB, De Lijn and TEC), which will give users a uniform picture throughout the country. Depending on their success, other places will follow, according to Lefrancq.

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