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Brussels loses bid to host new EU cybersecurity hub

European Parliament building Credit: / Sophie Voituron

Brussels will not be the home to the European Union’s new cybersecurity centre after the bloc voted for it to go to Bucharest instead.

Both capitals were the final contenders chosen out of a pool of five others who put their candidacy forward to host the future European Cybersecurity Competence Center.

But representatives of the EU27 ultimately broke the tie and decided that the hub would settle into the Romanian capital, according to a press statement.

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Brussels Minister-President Rudi Vervoort congratulated Romania even as he said that news that the capital missed out on adding a new EU-branded building to its collection of 38 was “disappointing.”

“We are evidently disappointed to not have been selected to host the centre. It was a great opportunity for Brussels, who had a lot of advantages,” Vervoort said, according to La Libre.

Announcing its candidacy, regional officials stressed that the Brussels-Capital Region would be able to offer the “secure 5G environment” that such a centre would require.

But the roll-out of the next-generation telecoms network has run into several obstacles in Brussels, even after roll-out began in dozens of other municipalities in March.

Despite the lack of 5G progress in the capital, Vervoort said that the EU Commission had given a “very positive evaluation” to Brussels’ bid “on all points, including connectivity and security regarding out future 5G network.”

Diplomats made the decision on Wednesday through a one-country-one-vote system, following analysis and discussion of the Commission’s evaluation of all candidacies.

The future centre will work to improve coordination in cybersecurity research and innovation between the bloc’s member states.

“It will also be the EU’s main instrument for pooling investment in cybersecurity research, technology and industrial development,” according to a press release.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times