Illegal waste increased by 350 tonnes in Brussels last year

Illegal waste increased by 350 tonnes in Brussels last year
Credit: Belga

In 2020, some 350 more tonnes of illegal waste were found alongside glass bins and regional roads in Brussels than the year before.

Nearly 50 tonnes more illegal waste has been counted alongside Brussels’ glass bins, while the increase is 300 tonnes (+30%) on regional roads, according to data obtained by Brussels MP Bianca Debaets from Brussels Environment Minister Alain Maron.

A total of 1,276 tonnes of illegal waste were recorded on Brussels’ regional roads in 2020, compared with 973 tonnes in 2019. And 1,053 tonnes were counted around glass bubbles, compared with 1,004 tonnes in 2019.

“These are staggering figures. Some people seem to continue to find it perfectly normal to throw rubbish near the glass bubbles or on public roads,” Debaets said.

“This shows that we must continue to carry out strict controls and to raise awareness in order to achieve a lasting change in mentality,” she added.

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The number of visitors to the five regional Recyparks has remained relatively stable over the past year, despite the lockdown and limited opening hours in March and April. In total, the Recyparks welcomed 335,019 visitors last year, a very slight increase compared to the 332,911 visitors in 2019.

The mobile container parks collected less waste last year, but it should be noted that many collection days were cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis. While 1,515.31 tonnes were collected in 2018 (in 165 days), 1,624.84 tonnes were collected in 2019 (in 163 days) and 1,380.69 tonnes in 2020 (in 126 days).

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