Appeals against future tram from North Station to edge of Brussels rejected

Appeals against future tram from North Station to edge of Brussels rejected
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The Council of State has rejected the appeals of several parties against the tram between the A12 at Willebroek and Brussels North Station, putting an end to the dispute over the project.

Flemish Minister for Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters (Open Vld) announced this on Wednesday.

In 2018, the Flemish government drew up a new regional spatial development plan (GRUP), including the infrastructure for the rapid tram route along the A12 and then to North Station. The entire journey would take a maximum of 40 minutes, saving 35 minutes compared to current public transport means.

However, two appeals were lodged to have the GRUP annulled. A ruling by the Council of State finally vindicated the Flemish government at the end of last year.

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"The fast tram represents an investment of about 450 million euros," Peeters said. The project will be realised through public-private partnerships, she added.

It is part of the Flemish government's plans to provide adequate public transport to the whole of the Vlaamse Rand, the Flemish periphery of Brussels.

“Together with the 75 million euros for the Ringtrambus and the 150 million euros for the Airport Tram, this is a huge investment in our modal shift objectives - and that is especially important in this congestion-prone region,” Peeters said.

Works are expected to start in 2023, according to Peeters.

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